Digital device for panoramic photography

New on the market of Ukraine and CIS!
the Digital Panorama mode (up to 360 ° C)

- photographers;
- designers;
- designers;
- builders;
- realtors;
and all all!!

With our digital devices can
very easy and very quick to get ready panorama required you object to any (even difficult accessible), and even without your participation (electronics do everything herself).
Device Settings:
- shooting angle;
- frequency shooting;
- delay shooting;
- the number of frames.
Sets the Digital Panorama mode, the software CD (software), adapters for digital cameras, lenses on a tripod, promotional products, packaging.
principle: to set the digital camera tripod , connect it to the Digital Panorama mode, specify a panoramic shooting mode (using the software included with application), after which the unit will shoot a given angle of the object. Digital media from fototkamery transfer to your computer, and using the included programs, get a panoramic photo is very quick and easy.
Power supply unit: battery or batteries.
Type connected cameras: all models DSLR cameras.

Manufacturer: Shanghai Libao Cyber-tech Co., Ltd
Vertical resolution: depending on the choice of DSLR camera
Horizontal Resolution: Depending on the degree panorama
Pixel: depending on the choice of DSLR camera
shooting angle: 0-360 ° adjustable
Moving Base: all directions adjustable
Size: 115 * 91 * 100/146 * 92.5 * 92/125 * 90 * 120 mm
Weight: 2 kg kg/1.1 kg/2.5
Support: DSLR Camera Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, Kodak, Fujifilm, Contax, Minolta
Power: AA battery x 4 < br /> It is recommended for the following cameras:
Nikon: F6, F5, F90, F100, D3, D1/D1H/D1X,
D2/D2H/D2 {, D3/D3X/D100/D200 / D300/D700,
DSC-14N, S3pro, S5pro, Nikon MC-30, D90, D70S, D80, D60.
Canon: EOS30, EOS33, EOS300, EOS50, EOS300D, EOS350D, EOS400D/450D / 100D, CONTAX N, CONTAX 645, PENTAX ISTD/ISTDL/IST/MZ-6, ZX-L, MZ-L, K10D/K20D/K100D/K100DL, GX-1L, GX-1S, CANON RS-60E3, EOS1V , EOS3, EOSD30, EOSD60, EOS1D/1DS/1DSMK2/1DSMK3, CANON RS-80N3, EOS 10D / 20D/30D/40D/5D/5D2.
Sony: A100, RM-S1AM, A200/A300/A350 / A500/A700/A900, Dynax5D/7D, Maxxum5D/7D, DIMAGE A1/A2/5/7/I/7HI, RC-1000S, RC-1000L
Olympus: E410/E420/E510/E520/E30 , E10/E20/E1/E300/E3

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