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About us

Company "Fuji-Mig" successfully works in the photo market of Ukraine since 1995.
We started our activity with the population of various kinds of photographic services. Today the company has its own retail network camera stores in Kharkov and the Kharkov region, sells digital photo labs, as well as the sale of spare parts and consumables. In our arsenal - the modern photographic equipment and highly qualified, experienced staff. Particular attention is paid to photographic services (maintenance and repair work, supply of necessary spare parts, consumables).
Since 2007, our company is on the Ukrainian market of equipment for production of photo books and "Dry Minilabs"
Since 2009 - we offer professional film scanner and equipment for souvenir production.
Since 2002, the company is a member of PMA (Photo Marketing Association International). In the same year, we established cooperation with the Moscow magazine "Photo Art", which regularly publishes articles on various aspects of photo business.
Since 2006, we offer the Ukrainian photo market digital minilabs Shanghai Doli company.
Since 2007, Fuji-Mig yavlyatsya DOLI official representative of the Ukrainian market.
In 2007, Fuji-Mig - party PhotoFair, 2007 and Digi Photo Show 2007 which took place in Kiev.
In 2008, Fuji-Mig - participant of exhibitions in Kiev (Photo Fair, REX, Digi Photo Show) and Chisinau (Modldova)
Since 2008, Fuji- MiG - official representative of Doli in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus
Since 2008 we are official dealers of the company «Jet Digital Image Technology» for the Eastern Ukraine for the sale of photobooks on production equipment.
In 2009 and 2010, our company was represented at the exhibition in Kiev and Moscow (Photoforum 2010 Fotoyarmarka2009 - 2010, TREX -2010)
Since 2010, our company offers new products:
- Stereo and stereo program bitmaps;
- Mini lasers;
- Glow-wire;
- Shining paper;
- Mini projectors.
And other new items that will be available on our website in the near future !!
We are working in Ukraine, Russia, CIS and other countries.
Delivery to Russia!!
Our engineers are always welcome and help.
Delivery courier services, trains, buses, aircraft quickly, efficiently and professionally! Our customers - from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, from Murmansk to Tashkent.
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